Why the Da Vinci Center in Cyprus?We cater to Medical and Wellness Tourism from different parts of the world. Patients also get to enjoy the benefits that Cyprus has to offer – the sun, the sea, mountains, good food and a rich and varied cultural heritage. Our main airport is Larnaca International and the Da Vinci Centre is only a 15-minute taxi ride from the airport with many hotels within the same area.

We have spent years designing a comprehensive series of functional tests that target the causes behind the symptoms and disease. Once these are known, then they are eliminate using many    different natural therapeutic protocols from clinical nutrition, naturopathy, detoxification protocols, herbal medicine, homeopathy, Su Jok Acupuncture, electromedicine, bioresonance, oxygen therapies, osteopathy and much more.

We have called this series of functional tests the IDEL DIAGNOSTIC PROTOCOL where IDEL is the acronym for IDentify and ELiminate. This diagnostic protocol is unique to the Da Vinci Center and has taken many years to develop and refine.

A good starting point is to complete the Patient Assessment Form so we can take a brief look at your history. Dr. George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,N.D.,DSc (AM).,MSc.,B.Sc., the Director of the Da Vinci Centre will personally respond with recommendations. Scheduling appointments is an easy and personal procedure.