Curing Candida in 90-Days!

Hi everyone. My name is Faith. I am a 45-year-old woman living in Mesa, AZ. I discovered that I had Candida and went on the Da Vinci Candida Cure for 3 months, based on Dr. Georgiou’s book entitled: CANDIDA CURE: HEALING NATURALLY IN 90-DAYS! 5,000 SUCCESSFUL CASES!

It was the best decision I ever made!

I had sugar cravings for many years, often feeling guilty after binging on sugar – a horrid habit! Well, I now, after only 90-Days on the Candida protocol do not crave sugar anymore.

My symptoms included: constant fatigue, white coating on the tongue with sore throat and oesophagus, also called oral thrush, lack of concentration, moodiness, and SUGAR CRAVINGS that were SO intense.

I used to suffer from severe sinus and ear infections that were treated with antibiotics so that I would not take leave off work as I am a Teacher – these symptoms seemed to be getting worse in the last 2 years. All the doctors seemed to do was to give me more antibiotics which are very detrimental to my microbiome or friendly bacteria in my gut. I got caught up in this vicious cycle of sickness and antibiotics that I just never felt healthy.

I took Dr. Crook’s Candida questionnaire online and my score was 214 – anything over 180 is a certainty for being rampant with systemic Candida – all body spreading around inside you.

The Candida protocol began with an Alkaline Detoxification diet for 2-weeks that helped to flush toxins and inflammation from the body, and also help to wean off sugar.

After the 2-week detoxification, I began the Candida protocol for a further 3 months.

It took me 21 days to break through the sugar cravings, with some ups and downs along the way. The remedies I was taking for the Candida were very powerful and I had many days where I just had to take it easy. Other days I had more energy and could go for walks and function better.

Candida lives off of sugar, so the more you eat, the more the Candida grows and sugar cravings get worse – it’s a vicious cycle. I craved it all the time. I always needed something sweet after a meal. I also had horrible period pains and cramps. Digestive issues were another symptom I had. My entire body was off balance and I was a very unhappy woman.

Well, after following the 90-Day Da Vinci Candida Cure plan, including the 2-week Alkaline Detox diet,  I lost 35 pounds!

Dr. George and this protocol taught me how to eat and literally gave me my life back.

My skin looks more radiant, energetic, vital with improved skin and I genuinely feel younger. I had read articles that say too much sugar can age your skin and this indeed was my experience. There is nothing good about sugar, it is a poison for the body and the mind and depletes energy levels badly! There is no nutritional value either, just empty calories that damage the body in many ways.

I have now cut out sugar from my diet and have no further cravings for it. My diet is now nutritional dense and generally healthy now.

I am now aware that Candida is something many people struggle with but are not conscious that they even have it and medical doctors are not very good at diagnosing it.

I would recommend this protocol to anyone who is struggling with candida – download and read Dr. Georgiou’s book CANDIDA CURE – it is an eye-opener and easy to read.

Thank you, Dr. George. You saved my life. I am forever grateful.