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The eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus is among the world’s best-loved holiday and retirement destinations, not only because of the sun, sea and hospitality, but there is a lot more including Medical Tourism.

It is not coincidental that Cyprus is called the Island of Aphrodite – she was the goddess of love and beauty.

The number of people travelling overseas for medical purposes is rapidly increasing. There are several reasons behind this trend, namely:cyprus1.jpg

  • Prices are better than at home
  • Treatment can be received promptly
  • Facilities are more advanced
  • Alternative treatments can be provided.

Ultimately, the combination of leisure and treatment makes travelling for medical purposes more attractive than simply receiving care at home.

Why Cyprus?

There are a number of reasons why Cyprus is an attractive health destination:

  • European Union Member State with a modern and thriving infrastructure, Cyprus boasts a medical system that is extremely well equipped and technologically sophisticated to ensure high patient safety and the most up-to-date treatment.
  • English is widely spoken on the island, and with many local doctors trained in the US or the UK communication and language will never be a barrier.
  • The warm hospitality for which the Cypriots are renowned guarantees that anyone is treated with a healthy respect.
  • Its unique geographical location, at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as the extensive flight network established, constitute Cyprus easily accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Exceptional telecommunications infrastructure ensures that visitors are never out of touch with friends and family back home.

cyprus20.jpgCyprus is the ideal place for the recuperation process, enjoying sunshine practically all year round. Whatever the time of year, be it during the island’s long summer or mild winter, it is highly likely that the sun will be shining outside.

The warm-hearted, friendly, and hospitable locals make everyone feel at home. Cyprus has long welcomed visitors from all over the world, resulting in a richly diverse yet safe and cosmopolitan environment where anyone can relax.cyprus22.jpgExcellent accommodation facilities, catering establishments and cultural venues are available, while factors such as the sunshine, the warm welcome, the stable social and political environment, and the relaxed pace of life make Cyprus the ideal place to not only receive treatment, but also to recuperate afterwards.

The traditional food and wine indulge the senses while the landscapes are breathtaking.

Cyprus is endowed with unique and diverse natural beauty. Its legendary history going back more than 10,000 years and magnificent monuments deserve exploration, and so do the many picturesque villages where tradition is still very much alive. Walking, cycling, and hiking are popular activities for visitors.

cyprus24.jpgFurthermore, the possibilities for activities are endless and can cater to any level of physical activity that the patient can exert – from mini cruises to diving, from golf to the fun parks, from artistic and cultural events to sports events, there is plenty to see and do. And, of course, for relaxation and recovery at its most uncomplicated, nothing compares with the peace and tranquility of a gentle stroll along the Mediterranean beach.

From any perspective, Cyprus is the ideal location for Medical and Wellness Tourism.


The Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre is the only cutting-edge holistic health centre in the Middle East that truly runs on holistic grounds. There are many natural therapies on the island, but none as comprehensive as you can get under one roof – we have been providing a service for Medical Tourism for many years now.

The Da Vinci Centre specializes in the treatment of chronic diseases based on the  IDEL DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAMME which is quite unique and was based on over 20 years of research.

Front-cover-W.jpgMost of what is done, and why it is done, including examples of 15 chronically-ill patients that the medical profession had said were “incurable” are illustrated – completely cured and fully functional. The book Curing the “Incurable” with Holistic Medicine: The Da Vinci Secret Revealed is also available from

If one wishes to see the details of the 15 cases in the book that are fully documented go to Testimonials.



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