patient testimonials

Patient Testimonials


These are genuine patient testimonials from patients treated at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre in Larnaca, Cyprus using the IDEL Diagnostic Protocol and the principles of Holistic Medicine.

All of these patients had spent years seeing a number of medical doctors and had received many different types of medical treatments but their health problems remained or got worse.

I am deeply grateful for all these patient testimonials, indebted and beholden to every single one of these patients (and all other patients that I see); all, without exception placed their trust in me – sometimes the going got tough, but their trust in me, and my trust in holistic medicine helped to get through the dark patches of the tunnel where we could see light again.

I also express gratitude to them for placing their trust in me when I would say: “I have never tried this before, but I think it is going to work because ……” Nearly without exception most patients agreed to experiment and we managed to move one step forward. I believe these qualities of trust, commitment, developing a healthy therapeutic relationship with a mutual respect, and a determination to get well play a very important role in the whole therapeutic process for both patient and therapist.

The cases are presented in the same format throughout, as follows:

  • The presenting problem
  • The medical diagnosis consisting of blood tests, scans and medical reports written by medical practitioners
  • The holistic diagnosis, which consists of all the testing that was conducted by myself and sometimes other natural medicine practitioners
  • The holistic treatments that the patient followed as part of their healing journey, usually based on the diagnostics.
  • A personal account by the patient concerning how they perceived their health problem and what this meant to them. This was taken by an independent medical doctor who would spend about an hour with each patient taking their personal account.
  • Comments by myself about the particular case.
  • Finally, I just want to add that apart from the gratitude that I have towards all these brave souls who persevered with their wellness programmes, I am also in reverence to the Higher Power that guided myself and supported my patients throughout their healing journey.

Dr. George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,ND.,DSc (AM).,MSc.,BSc


The case histories are illustrated below – simply click on the link to access each one individually.


1. Acute Gallbladder Colic due to stone obstruction

2. Asthma, recurrent urinary tract infections, irregular periods, GERD (reflux), spots on face that are permanent, constipation, knee pains, depression

3. Cancer of the oesophagus, chronic osteoarthritis of knee and shoulders, recurring urine infections, intermittent diarrhoea, bowel distention

4. Crohn’s Disease, pericarditis

5. Depression, asthma, hypertension, psoriasis, mitral valve prolapse, kidney cyst, hypercholesteremia, rheumatoid arthritis

6. Diabetes Type II, Hypertension, High Uric Acid levels

7. Hiatus hernia with reflux, pain in stomach, bloating, frequent defecation with slushy stools, back problems with pain, sciatica, knee pain, headaches

8. IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myastenia Gravis, severe muscle pains, severe headaches, angina, complete fatigue resulting in 40-hour sleep episodes

9. Multiple sclerosis

10. Excessive phlegm production in Judo Champion

11. Parasthesia after stroke, speech impediment, dizziness, chronic fatigue, poor concentration and depression, high cholesterol levels, high glucose levels, high blood pressure, tachycardia

12. Polycyctic ovaries, irregular periods, chronic constipation, migraines, hypothyroidism

13. Psoriasis, vaginal discharge, constipation

14. Sterility

15. Stomach and bowel distension of 35 years standing, pains in feet, tinnitus, hypercholestermia

16. Curing Candida in 90-Days – while losing 35 lbs in the process!

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