Acid Reflux: Natural Healing for GERD in 90 Days (E-book)


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Much of the advice for understanding the causes of Acid Reflux given by doctors is mistaken. This book contains a lot of research to identify the underlying causes of GERD and explains a natural treatment protocol that will help to cure the problem once and for all, instead of using medications to suppress the symptoms. There are many causes such as hypochlorhydria, chronic inflammation, Candida, SIBO, dysbiosis, poor diet, lack of nutrients and more. Dr Georgiou has been applying these natural treatment protocols for many years at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Center in Cyprus with astounding success.



Acid Reflux: Natural Healing for GERD in 90 Days (E-book) – 356 pages

Acid Reflux is a common health problem that is often treated with medication that suppresses symptoms but does not eliminate the causes. This book examines the underlying causes of GERD and describes natural treatment protocols to help cure acid reflux permanently without medications.

Read Acid Reflux: Natural Healing for GERD in 90 Days and discover ……..

  • How hundreds of people just like you have been cured of GERD naturally
  • How the advice you’ve received from doctors about your GERD is totally wrong!
  • How your GERD medications are contributing to your symptoms
  • Natural alternatives that work!
  • How chronic inflammation could be causing your GERD
  • How underlying health problems like Candida and SIBO could also be underlying causes
  • How toxins in your food and environment are contributing to your GERD and steps on how to avoid them
  • How to get access to the complete detoxification process that will eliminate your GERD naturally
  • How the unique 15-day Alkaline Detoxification Diet Plan that will transform your health
  • The secrets to vibrant health and well-being with exclusive access to the unique protocols developed at the Da Vinci Health Centre after ground-breaking research

    ….… and much, much more!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        The Da Vinci Acid Reflux Treatment Protocol
Chapter 2        The Holistic Model of Health
Chapter 3        Toxicity: Underlying Cause of All Diseases
Chapter 4        Detoxification: The Health Secret of all Time
Chapter 5        Food Intolerances, Inflammation and Disease
Chapter 6        Candida: A Universal Cause of Many Diseases
Chapter 7        Curing with Energetic Medicine and Bioresonance
Chapter 8        Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Roots of Disease