Surviving a Nuclear War: Save Your Family and Loved Ones! (E-book)


Reading this book can save your life and that of your loved ones in case of a nuclear war. Many people feel that there is no point thinking about the eventuality of a nuclear war as it means certain death. This is simply not true! If you know how to protect yourselves and your families, then you can survive most nuclear wars. This book will demythologize radiation myths and give you only the facts, as well as guide you through step-by-step all the life-saving steps that you need to take NOW to be prepared. Learn about the importance of food, water, shelters, natural remedies, detoxification practices and stocking your home so you are ready immediately.


Surviving a Nuclear War: Save Your Family and Loved Ones! (E-book) – 226 pages

This book is the Complete Guide of how to protect yourself and loved ones during Nuclear War. You will learn:

  • Why Nuclear War is an imminent threat you need to be prepared for.
  • The top 7 Radiation myths that are hindering your survival plan.
  • How to set up and stock the best nuclear shelter that will keep you and your loved ones alive.
  • The top twenty foods to stock your shelter with and how to store them effectively.
  • Life-saving ways of collecting water that will keep you and your family safe.
  • The safest methods of effectively treating radiation sickness and burns.
  • The best natural remedies you need to stock up on right now.
  • The most effective detoxification practices for healing from radiation.

and much much more…

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:       How To Survive A Nuclear War
Chapter 2:       Radiation Effects On The Body
Chapter 3:       How To Prepare For Nuclear Fallout
Chapter 4:       Food For Survival
Chapter 5:       Water For Survival
Chapter 6:       Radioprotective Foods
Chapter 7:       Radiation Detoxification
Chapter 8:       Radioprotective Natural Remedies
Chapter 9:       Radioprotective Homeopathic Remedies


“This book can save your life! It is easy to follow and takes you through step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for a nuclear war and its after-effects”

“Before reading this book I was always under the impression that it was impossible to survive a nuclear war, but now I am certain that with the correct preparation it is feasible. This is a life-saving book that every family should read”

“Nuclear war is a frightening thought as many people think that it is the end. This book demythologises a lot of the myths around nuclear war and describes in details how you can prepare for your survival and that of your loved ones. Everyone should be reading this book”