stop smoking protocol

Smoking Cessation Protocol

Smoking Cessation Protocol

Over the last 20 years, bioresonance therapy with BICOM has been successfully used to treat allergies and other diseases. A new development of this therapy by a Polish doctor is to help smokers quit their habit.

Treatment with BICOM bioresonance has a 70% success rate. Bioresonance therapy greatly reduces your craving for nicotine, making it easier for you to quit. Most people are able to eliminate nicotine within 4 days of their last cigarette. However, the energetic imprint of the nicotine and other chemicals stays longer, making it difficult for a person to maintain their stop smoking resolution.

Although 70% of smokers want to quit and 35% attempt to quit each year, fewer than 5% succeed. The low rate of successful quitting and the high rate of relapse are due to the effects of nicotine addiction. Nicotine, like any other toxin has its own oscillation pattern. When you quit smoking the body needs time to release the toxins.

However, the electro-magnetic charge of the nicotine lingers on – and continues to give you the cravings, which make it so difficult to stop.

Here is where bioresonance treatment can help you! The unique and individually tailored bioresonance treatment includes phase cancellation, which helps to remove the energetic imprint of nicotine and other cigarette chemicals from your body and stops the craving making it easier for you to give up the habit.

At the Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre we have successfully treated many smokers who wanted to stop smoking using the BICOM Bioresonance therapy. Our success rate approaches nearly 100%! It only requires three treatments over a period of 10 days, but the person needs to have made the decision to stop smoking before treatment can begin.

Dr Georgiou is a naturopath, chartered biologist with a Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicine. He has been using bioresonance therapies for over 20 years.

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