Testimonial – Asthma and Hypertension

Testimonial – Asthma and Hypertension

Case No. 1, Mrs. A, aged 62 – this is a case that was published in Dr. Georgiou’s book entitled “Curing the Incurable with Holistic Medicine: The Da Vinci Secret Revealed.”

Main presenting problem:

Depression, asthma, hypertension, psoriasis, mitral valve prolapse, kidney cyst, hypercholesteremia, rheumatoid arthritis.

This is an interesting case as it shows the power of how a traumatic experience can lock a person into illness for many decades. This lady was on 13 different medications amounting to a total of 30 pills taken daily – when speaking to her for the first time in my office she was on a different level of consciousness and had difficulty following and partaking in the dialogue we were trying to have – it was the daughter accompanying her that did most of the talking.

Medical diagnosisThis lady presented with a clinical depression of 20-years standing, taking a variety of psychotropic drugs over the years as prescribed by the local psychiatrist. She was also asthmatic and taking various inhalers, she had psoriasis which was severe, spreading all over her body; she was hypertensive (150/95) and taking a variety of anti-hypertensive medications. She has cardiovascular problems with a mitral valve thickening, mild regurgitation, with the tricuspid and aortic valves calcified. She also has hypercholesteremia and takes Statin drugs for this. Her hepatic enzyme levels are usually high and so are her CRP and ESR levels. She also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis with deformities in her fingers of both hands, as well as other joints. She has a kidney cyst on one of her kidneys.

She had spinal surgery three years ago for a compressed vertebral disc, as well as a gallbladder removed about the same time.Her cholesterol levels were 219mg/dl (100-200), gamma-GT hepatic enzymes were 41U/L (9-38) and her CRP was 0.69 (0.10-0.50). Her complete cardiac report showed thickening of the mitral valve leaflets and calcified tricuspid aortic valve with mild aortic valve regurgitation. There was also a confirmed diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, depression, psoriasis, kidney cysts, hypertension and hypercholestermia. A recent MRI brain scan taken in June 2009 has shown multiple small focal hyperintensities of the subcortical white matter of both parietal lobes on T2W images compatible with a small vessel disease with an empty sella syndrome. This testing was done due to her complaining of short-term memory problems. With so much psychotropic medication taken over the years this finding may not come as a surprise.

Holistic diagnosisThe thermography scan showed a hyperthermic symmetry over the left side of the mouth which suggested dental inflammation. ART testing had shown tooth foci in the lower jaw, which was confirmed with the panoramic X-ray. There was an area of hyperthermia in the upper outer quadrants of both breasts that were compatible with fibrocystic and fibrofatty changes. There was also hyperthermia noted over T2 which suggest autonomic dysfunction and may correlate with the history of hypertension.

There was hyperthermia over the base of the left lung which may be compatible with lung dysfunction and correlate with her history of asthma. There was also intense hypothermia over the epigastrium which suggests upper GI autonomic dysfunction. Hyperthermia was noted over the hepatic flexure, transverse colon and splenic flexure of the colon which may be compatible with irritation or dysfunction. There was also inflammation present over the left acromioclavicular joint which suggest arthritis.

VEGA food intolerance testing revealed a number of food intolerances such as: wheat, lactose and milk products, chicken, pork, the nightshade family of vegetables, citrus, sugar and caffeine. All these food intolerances are highly likely to lead to inflammation in the body.

Further energetic testing using VEGA and ART showed that there were a number of organs that were energetically imbalanced: brain, thyroid, heart, lungs, liver, fallopian tubes and ovaries, auditory tubes, coronary arteries, aorta, stomach, kidneys, adrenals, pancreas, jejunum and rectum. Prioritization of these organs showed that the brain was the primary organ affected.

Darkfield microscopy showed a picture of low vitality with very few protits – the integrity of the cell walls of the RBC’s would diminish in less than 10 minutes (lack of antioxidants to protect cell wall), the WBC’s were viable but somewhat sluggish (compromised immunity), there were signs of elliptocytes (possible liver dysfunction), with B12 and folic acid deficiency. Generally, this was a picture of very low vitality with a number of nutritional deficiencies, including antioxidants.

Iridology showed a “daisy iris” which is an indication of inherited connective tissue weaknesses, with particular weaknesses in the liver, kidney, uterus, lung and thyroid areas which had large lacuna. Stomach lining was irritated and yellow, indicating a chronic hypochlorhydria; there was a cholesterol ring which is an indication of an inherited predisposition towards hypercholestermia. The iris colour was murky with isolated psora spots of concentrated toxicity in the liver and uterus. There were cervical and lumbar subluxations.

Heart Rate Variability testing showed a decreased parasympathetic system with a moderately increased sympathetic system. The general functioning of all the physiological systems was generally reduced – score of 10 (7 is average, 1 is excellent) and the adaptation reserve which is an indicator of how she copes with stress was very low too – score of 6 (7 is the lowest, 1 is excellent).Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis showed low levels of copper, selenium, cobalt and molybdenum, and a cocktail of heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, aluminium with cadmium. On the first hair test dated 16th March 2009 the cadmium levels were fairly low, but on the second test dated 6th May 2009, after taking the natural chelator HMD,™ her cadmium levels had shot up to extremely high levels, indicating high storage levels in the organs and tissues – it has still not been determined where she had obtained these amounts of cadmium, even though the husband is quite a heavy smoker.

Cadmium can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, arthritis and many others. One reason may be that cadmium replaces zinc in the body. Mrs. A had many of these degenerative diseases.

This case is particularly important as it shows how this lady became ”got stuck” when she was 29-years old, after the death of her young 4-year old son who died in a tragic tractor accident, with the husband driving, as described in Chapter 10.

During the IDEL testing, I casually asked her when her problems had begun. She immediately answered: “when I was 29 years old.” I asked her why 29 and she went on to explain that at that age when her young boy was 4 years old, he was taking a ride on her husband’s tractor and fell over and was crushed by the heavy tire. She picked the child up and took him to the local hospital, but by the time they could treat the boy he had died. Since this time she has been ‘locked-in’ with her young boy in a delayed grieving reaction, literally lying next to the child in the grave where she felt she belonged. She saw no one, as one of her daughters bitterly complained: ‘we never had a mother, ever.’ This mother felt so guilty about her child’s death that she stopped living herself and became loyal to her child’s grave, not seeing or hearing anyone else (the representative was able to sense and channel the mother’s emotions).

One of her 4 daughters came to a Hellinger Family Constellation workshop and set up a constellation about her mother not seeing her and never paying much attention to her. The representative for the young child was placed on the ground and as soon as the mother’s representative saw the child in the grave she immediately went down and embraced the child very tightly, while she was crying and wailing at the top of her voice. This continued for over 20 minutes and no attempts to separate them was possible.

The lack of freedom and strength to get on with her life due to her failure to ‘consent to what is’ became very apparent. Through Hellinger’s Family Constellation or soul healing she was able to overcome this blockage and move on with her physical healing.

Holistic treatments

Apart from the soul healing mentioned above and some brief psychotherapy, there were many other levels of healing that took place after this monumental blockage was removed.

The other level of healing was to detoxify her of the myriad of toxins that she had exposed her body to over the last 40 years – she was taking 30 pills comprising 13 different combinations of drugs when I first saw her. It was difficult to determine what symptoms were related to the side-effects of this lethal cocktail, and what true pathology was. Most of her consequent health problems had began 8-10 years of taking potent anti-depressants and anxiolytics – there was a strong cocktail of these psychotropic drugs which no doubt played a role in creating the rheumatoid arthritis, the hypertension, the heart valve defects, the hypertension, the high liver enzymes and the high cholesterol. Needless to say she received a myriad of other medications to control this syndrome of health issues.

I referred her to a medical doctor who worked with her to reduce her medication, concomitantly with her detoxification which lasted over 30 days. She first began with cutting out her food intolerances, as well as cereal products, refined foods and for the first week she ate fish, pulses, salads, steamed vegetables, fruit and fresh carrot and green juices. The second week she cut out the fish and remained with the rest. The third and fourth week she cut out the pulses and continued with the fruit and veg. This is a “compromised” Da Vinci detoxification diet for chronically ill patients who would suffer if detoxification was to take place too quickly.

She was also given a number of drainage remedies from the homotoxicology range such as lymphomysot for the lymphatic system, berberis for the kidneys and nux vomica for the liver. There were other herbal remedies for helping the detoxification organs too, one was the Organic Lavage.[1]

There was a high-potency multivitamin formula added to deal with her chronic nutritional deficiencies, along with Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids[2],[3] to help her heart, circulation and joints, glucosamine[4],[5] as well as MSM for the joints, Lugol’s Iodine[6] for the metabolism and thyroid functioning which was sluggish as seen on the Barne’s Temperature test (35.7 degrees centigrade average). As there were high levels of heavy metals, particularly cadmium, she was started on the HMD™ Ultimate Detox Protocol consisting of HMD, Organic Lavage and Chlorella.[7]

Tumeric[8] was also added as a general anti-inflammatory, as well as adding herbal formulas for her asthma and adrenal glands. A Salt Pipe was added to further help the respiratory system.[9] Within 3 weeks of taking the asthmatic herbs and salt pipe she was completely off the medicinal inhalers and was walking considerable distances with no breathing problems.

The DaVinci Candida Protocol (see chapter 5) was also began on the 24th April for her systemic candidiasis and this cleared in July. Finally, Bach Flower remedies were given to suit her psychoemotional state in order to begin balancing on this level.

Patient’s own accountTowards the end of last year I was a walking zombie – all I would do most of the day is lie on the couch either watching TV or sleeping. The chronic fatigue that I felt can only be explained by someone who has had this experience – I could not do the basic housework, I would begin wheezing heavily and feel asphyxiated if I walked to the shop or neighbour next door – it was like I had been running non-stop for an hour. Going to the shop I had to take my little basket on wheels as I could not carry even a kilo of fruit back with me without dropping it. My husband ran the household, shopping, cleaning and everything else that was required.

My brain was quite non-functional, I could not even remember simple things and had difficulty holding a conversation most of the time. My mood was constantly depressed and many people around me commented that I never could smile, which was true. I just felt that it was pointless being with people as I was such a misery that it would make me fall into a deeper depression and it was a bit of a vicious cycle – this is why I preferred being alone most of the time. My quality of life was zero but there did not seem to be anything that I could do about it – it was like someone had ‘locked me in’ and I did not know how to escape.

I had 4 daughters who cherished over me but throughout their life I was never there for them and this just made me feel worse. The grandchildren too – I so much wanted to play with them but I couldn’t – it was so frustrating and depressing. One of my daughters wanted me to go to see Dr. Georgiou at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre in Larnaca which was only a short drive from where we lived. Our first meeting took place on the 18th December 2008, but I really do not remember much of what took place apart from booking another appointment a couple of weeks later to see him for a fuller assessment.

On the 12th January 2009 I underwent a 5-hour rigorous testing that involved many tests – on the same day Dr. Georgiou said that for the next month I would be changing my diet drastically – the first week I had to eat a little fish, pulses, salads, steamed vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices like carrot. The second week I was to cut out the fish and stay with the rest, and the third and fourth weeks I was to ‘eat like a bunny’ as I remember him telling me – only vegetables and fruit with juices. I told him that this would be difficult to implement but he smiled and said that he would help me to take a step at a time and that I would be pleasantly surprised. He was so convincing that as soon as I got home I began organizing the household for the new diet.

To my surprise, and that of my husband and family, by the end of the second week I was actually doing the housework, began walking to the shops and neighbour much easier and generally finding that my mood was lifting. I was actually smiling and people around me would shout this out every time I did it.

It is now about 7 months into therapy and I am a different person, as my husband says continuously it is the difference between night and day. Dr. Georgiou sent me to a medical doctor to reduce the 13 different drugs that I was taking, including a number of different psychotropic drugs. I am now down from taking a cocktail of 30 pills to taking only 6 – most of the other ones that I have been taking for years have now been stopped. I now wake at 6 am every morning and take the bus down to the sea where I will swim for an hour and lie in the sun as this helps my psoriasis. On returning I walk about 6 kilometres to my daughter’s house – another younger relative used to join me but she dropped out as she said that she could not keep up with me! I am doing most of the shopping, the cleaning, the housework and I have even gone out and began doing some gardening which I thoroughly enjoy.

All my daughters are really happy for me and I am now playing games with my grandchildren which I could only dream of. Most people now see me smiling – a really big smile as it is a marvelous gift to feel so much alive again and live a quality life – thank you so much Dr. Georgiou, your work is truly blessed!

Dr Georgiou’s final comments on Mrs. A’s caseSeven months have now gone by and this lady has reduced her medication from 13 different kinds to only three. She is doing all her household chores, walking to her daughter’s houses (6 kms), which takes her just over an hour, as well as swimming every morning in the sea.

Her blood pressure has dropped from 150/85 to 110/65, even though she has stopped taking a number of anti-hypertensive medications. She is still taking some and this may need to be eliminated in the future as her diastolic pressure is quite low at present. Probably the elimination of the general inflammation in her body has also helped the blood pressure as inflammatory chemicals in the body can certainly cause hypertension.[10],[11],[12]

The pain in her joints is much better, and so is the flexibility, even though she has reduced a lot of the analgesics as well as the arthritis medication – the glucosamine, MSM, omega fatty acids as well as the multivitamin will help here. The psoriasis has more or less healed completely, even though it can reappear as soon as she gets upset over something or faces acute stress. Her cholesterol levels taken 5th January 2009 were 219 and are now 187 on 17th June. Her gamma-GT levels were 41 and have now dropped to 19. Her CRP levels were 0.69 and have now dropped to 0.40. We are still monitoring her cadmium levels every two months as she continues with her natural chelation protocol.

It is very likely that many of her symptoms were iatrogenic or caused by the myriad of drugs that she was on – blindly given by a number of state doctors without thinking of the consequences of this polypharmacy on the body – this lady could have very easily died of kidney or heart disease due to the massive doses of drugs that she was on. I see this often and it makes absolutely no biological sense whatsoever – it certainly makes good economics for the pharmaceutical companies.

She has overcome her depression and her husband is delighted with his new-found wife, the one he so much remembered all those years ago when they married. It would have been difficult to achieve so much in so little time if she had not dealt with the suppressed trauma of her deceased child – the retrieval and healing of the Soul from the grave in this case was probably the key factor that led to her amazing recovery and this was all done in her absence by her daughter who set up the constellation. This is also one of the mysteries of the Field (see Chapter 10), that the healing effects when family members are reconstituted back into the family system can affect people who were not even present in the same room.


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