Toxic metal testing

Toxic Metal Testing


This is a rather complex topic, but certainly there is no conclusive way of finding the total load of metals in the body as this would mean incinerating the body and measuring the metal content of all the ash – rather impractical!


The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is the test that we prefer to use at the Da Vinci Center as it is a good way of determining what levels of toxic metals you have circulating in your blood over the last couple of months. However, it does not determine the degree of heavy metal toxicity you have stored in your organs and tissues.

In order to make some sense of the THMA, this is a summary of how to use the hair test along with HMD® (Heavy Metal Detox) to help eliminate the metals from the body and monitor the changes by re-testing – here is the HAIR MINERAL ANALYSIS PROTOCOL.

The general public can also order the hair test online and will be given instructions on how to cut their hair and send it to us for analysis.

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